Lumber comes with high price tag today

Faircloth Forest Products, located at 1377 Old Nunez Road, Swainsboro, is home to a huge production of specialty cut lumber. The Faircloth Family has been involved in the wood business for almost 20 years.

“About five years ago, my family saw a need for specialty cut lumber that was not being produced by many mills,” said Jeremy Faircloth. “A sawmill is a great fit alongside a pellet mill because all of the wood chips from the sawmill feed the pellet mill.”

Currently in our area, people are continually cutting down timber. Do you usually see logging trucks on our roads? Faircloth said, “We live in what is called the southern yellow pine wood basket, and there is more pine in a 100-mile radius from Swainsboro than almost anywhere in the world.”

Lumber is currently on a high price range due to the worldwide pandemic. “The price of lumber changes weekly and is at a really high price range now. People have been out of work because of COVID-19, and they are now at home doing projects,” said Faircloth. “Also, the interest rate is so low that everyone is building new homes and also repairing their older homes.”

To fill the need of consumers, the Faircloth family operation runs their mill 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. five days a week, and if needed, they will run on the weekends in order to meet the demand for lumber.

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