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Main Street Market is one of the best

On Wednesday, December 1, Mayor Charles Schwabe and a gathering of other community members that included incoming mayor Greg Bennett met at Main Street Market, where a plaque was unveiled that recognized the business as a Best of Georgia Antique Store 2021 award winner. This award is given by the Georgia Business Journal each year, and this year, manager Michael Bright garnered the award.

Mayor Schwabe commented that he would like to think of the antique market as an experiment that exceeded expectations. He went on to say the success of the market has to do with the efforts of Bright and his vision to not only create an atmosphere where local citizens as well as visitors can come and find treasures that they can add to their collection. It has been a great example of public and private partnership that validates that under the right circumstances government and private business can work hand in hand and be successful.

He further stated that just looking at the visitor log that travelers from all over the United States and many countries come through the store, buy items of interest, eat lunch at local restaurants, and spend money in other businesses on their stop in our little town.

Schwabe continued by saying the business journal of the state every year nominates a different category as the outstanding business and so this year he was very excited and it is very justified that they named Main Street Market right here in Swainsboro as the winner.

He concluded by stating he has all confidence that the market will continue to grow and continue to draw more and more people to our area. He remarked to the incoming mayor that these were the kinds of things that make it worthwhile as mayor and hopes that it continues and flourishes. This example, along with the theatre, is how downtowns and small towns grow, brick by brick.

After the plaque was reveled and officially presented, pictures were taken and light refreshments were served to guests. I was able to get a few moments with the manager of Main Street Market Michael Bright for his thoughts on the award and plans moving forward.

Bright stated that he became manager seven years ago and that being named as the Best of Antiques stores 2021 by the Georgia Business Journal is a big honor. He showed the visitor logbook that has signatures from all 50 states and 21 countries represented, and he believes the award will open up many more doors for Main Street Market and just appreciates all the support given to them. There is 12,000-square-feet of showroom space with more than 60 booths with everything from antiques, collectables, home decor, and mancave items all in a climate-controlled atmosphere. There is also the new music museum located within the market where there are many memorabilia items displayed that were once owned by country and rock and roll artists. He concluded by encouraging people to come down and visit and tell friends and neighbors to come as well.

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