Making it in Midville

Scotty Womack has lived his entire life in Midville and has been fortunate enough to “stay busy living.” Womack divides his time between his various pastimes of choice. All of his energy goes toward the things he loves.

“I hunt, I fish, I cook, and I take pictures. Those are the things I do,” Womack said. And it is as simple as that.

When he was just 9-years-old, Womack began working at a grocery store. The family that owned it, the Rountrees, took him quail hunting regularly. This fostered a love for the outdoors, specifically for bird dogs and quail hunting that has followed him throughout his life. Now, Womack hunts locally, in southwest Georgia, and west Texas. He trains English pointers and labrador retrievers and never misses a day turkey hunting. He still has a yard full of bird dogs.

When he wasn’t working, or out hunting with the Rountrees, Womack felt a calling to cook as young as 8- or 9-years-old. He watched his “Big Ma” and Granny cook throughout his childhood before he decided to try his hand. Womack was in the catering and restaurant business for many years, owning Scotty’s in Midville and cooking for McKinney’s Pond for some time. Now, he cooks for fun. He hopes to write a cookbook one day, but not in the traditional sense.

“As far as learning, you just have to get up and get started,” Womack explained. “You don’t usually need a recipe. I dream up my own. You should just do it by feel. It’s your personal palette.”

According to Womack, all you need is a little confidence and to follow your instincts.

Today, Womack is primarily a photographer. His portfolio is full of “things people look at everyday but don’t ever really see.” He takes pictures of the local rural area—old houses, churches, the woods.

“I try to capture everyday life that most people look at all the time but don’t truly see it. I intend to affect people with my photography. I want people to feel what I felt when I took it.”

He feels that his eye for photography and unusual perspective on life give him the tools he needs to reach people with his work. Quoting a friend, he added, “I take pictures with my heart to affect people’s souls.”

Womack’s photography is available on his Facebook at Scotty Womack Photography. He sells prints and canvases, but his work is available to view for free as he truly values the connection he fosters through his vision.

By pursuing his passions, Womack “stays busy living a very simple life.” He likes to tell people that he works really hard at living.

“I’ve been blessed in my life, and I have one that allows me just to live and do what I’m doing. I plan on continuing to do just that.”

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