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Man accused of killing Alamo police officer in custody

An all-out manhunt for the man who allegedly killed an Alamo police officer ended Sunday afternoon. The accused is 43-year-old Damien Anthony “Luke” Ferguson. He was taken into custody during the afternoon hours of Sunday, October 10.

The crime investigators say he is connected to unfolded early Saturday morning, at which time he reportedly shot and killed a 26-year-old officer, Dylan Harrison, outside the precinct of Alamo Police Department during his first shift with the force as a part-time officer.

Hall had been in law enforcement since 2018 and worked full-time with the Oconee Drug Task Force in Eastman.

He lived in Laurens County with his wife and 6-month-old son.

Details were limited early on, and the lead agency on the case, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, issued a “Blue Alert,” used to notify agencies across the state after a police officer is killed, seriously injured, or missing after an interaction with a suspect who is on the run, for Ferguson.

In the days since then, the GBI has connected Ferguson and the alleged murder, theorizing that the ambush on Harrison was an act of retaliation following an arrest of another man on Friday night.

At that time, Harrison made contact with a man for a traffic citation in the parking lot of Circle K across from Alamo PD. When asked for his name and identification, the man refused. He then got into a verbal fight with Harrison, which escalated to the man pushing the officer.

The man did not comply when Harrison tried to place him under arrest, leading the officer to use his taser. The man was ultimately arrested and taken to Wheeler County Jail.

Although his name has not yet been released, he has been confirmed as a “known associate” of Ferguson.

As news broke and the Blue Alert went out, the GBI immediately placed a $17,500 bounty on Ferguson, hoping to lead to his capture. He was taken into custody “without incident” less than 24 hours after the shooting at a location less than one mile from the scene.

Since then, Ferguson’s criminal history has surfaced in the media. According to the Georgia Department of Corrections, he served time for aggravated assault, aggravated assault on a police officer, simple battery, and theft. Additionally, the Georgia Office of Insurance and Fire Safety took out warrants for his arrest in connection to an arson that happened in Alamo.

Assisting the GBI in the manhunt were a host of agencies: Alamo PD, Wheeler County Sheriff’s Office, Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, Treutlen County Sheriff’s Office, Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, Telfair County Sheriff’s Office, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, McRae-Helena Police Department, the Oconee Drug Task Force, Eastman Police Department, Oconee District Attorney’s Office, the Georgia State Patrol, the Department of Community Supervision, the Georgia Department of Corrections, the FBI, and the U.S. Marshals Service.

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