‘Marathon Day’ sees Senator Burns, others work on 47 bills

Senator Max Burns of District 23 gave a Saint Patricks Day legislative update.

In his video last Tuesday, March 18, the senator for Emanuel and 10 other counties, spoke about March 15, which was dubbed “Marathon Day.”

There were 47 bills on the floor on that Tuesday alone. Since then, resolutions added around another dozen.

The Fiscal Year 2023 Budget and House Bill 911 passed out of the house as of March 11. Burns says the budget has been read and referred to appropriations in order to be vetted and to make adjustments. Then, FY ’23 will go back to the house for the final review.

Burns says, “The total budget is $57 billion. That is a lot of Georgia taxpayer money, so we will make sure we are really careful with how we spend it.”

Luckily, as the chair of the Ethics Committee, it was a light week for Burns. However, they plan to address House Bill 1464, which makes some adjustments to Senate Bill 202. They also plan to look at House Bill 1392, 886, and 933.

On the Ethics Committee, the senators deal with bills that relate to elections or government oversight and compensation.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do there,” Burns said.

Up next for the Ethics Committee to discuss is House Bill 842, a constitutional amendment, and House Bill 923.

Discussed the week of Saint Patrick’s Day as well was Senate Bill 171, the Save Communities Act, Senate Bill 588, and Senate Bill 504, and a couple important house bills like House Bill 1302 and House Bill 304.

Though they aren’t on the docket yet, Burns mentioned he is closely tracking a couple bills that are extremely important to District 23: House Bill 1150, also known as “Freedom to Farm,” and House Bill 1013, commonly referred to as the “Mental Health Parity Act.”

Burns finished by thanking his constituents for visiting. This list included Emanuel County Sheriff Jeffrey Brewer, who came to speak about a couple issues.

“I’m honored to serve and represent the 23rd District, and I look forward to seeing many of you when I get back to the district.”

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