Maynard’s viral video being turned into gospel song

In April 2020, local man John Maynard uploaded via Facebook video what many believers felt was a mini-sermon. The post went viral and, as is the case with many viral moments, it eventually died down. Now, however, the message, “Depends on Whose Hands It’s In,” is making its rounds again, thanks to a gospel group by the name of The Collingsworth Family. The Ohio-based hexad is now turning Maynard’s message into a song on their new album called Just Sing, which will release in just a few months.

Maynard opened the Facebook video by briefly explaining the reason for the video. “Have you ever had someone send you something that was just too good to share but maybe too much to type? Well, my dad sent me something the other day and I thought it was awesome, so I’m going to share it with you.”

He continued, using a regulation basketball to demonstrate the point he was about to make. “If you take this basketball right here and put it in my hands, it’s worth about $15. If you take that same basketball and put it in the hands of, like, Lebron James, it’s worth about $30 or $40 million. It depends on whose hands it’s in.”

Holding a football in his hands, Maynard carried on, “If you take this and put it in my hand, it’s worth… I don’t know… Maybe $11. Put it in Payton Manning’s hands and it’s worth probably $50 or $60 million. It depends on whose hands it’s in!

“Take this golf club and give it to me, it’s worth maybe $50. Put it in Tiger Woods’ hands, though, it’s worth $80 million. It depends on whose hands it’s in!”

Next, Maynard went on to draw comparisons to more everyday objects in his hands instead of the hands of biblical men.

“If I have a stick or a rod in my hands, I might can beat away a wild animal. Put it in the hands of Moses and he can part the Red Sea. Give me a slingshot and I’ve got a kid’s toy. Put it in the hands of King David and he can slay a giant with it. It depends on whose hands it’s in!”

As it turns out, the post his father sent him, the post he eventually relayed to thousands, was originally written as a poem, author unknown despite Maynard spending hours researching to find the rightful person to credit. The post his father forwarded him was then shared on Facebook by Franklin Graham; on all platforms, the message has about 40 million views.

Nonetheless, in just under 3 minutes, Maynard’s relaying of the simple yet powerful message impacted millions more, garnering a whopping 40,000,000 views between the original Facebook video and its subsequent shares on other platforms.

Fastforward to several months ago, long after the video’s peak, Maynard says he began receiving information from a “very different phone number.” He explained, “After realizing it wasn’t a scam or a joke, I found myself in conversation with Mr. Phil Collingsworth from The Collingsworth Family. He began to tell me how the ‘Depends on whose Hands’ video God gave me last year meant so much to his wife, Mrs. Kim! She then forwarded that video to a songwriter, who penned an awesome song.”

On August 6, the song, officially titled “The Hands of Jesus,” made its debut, and the Collingsworths invited Maynard and his family to attend the occasion. Although his family couldn’t make it, he found himself in Lynchburg, Virginia at Liberty University awaiting the concert last Friday evening to meet The Collingsworth Family and hear Kim’s testimony.

“I continue to watch the evidence of a Holy and Sovereign God unfold as the message from that video has now been placed in a song, and the video will also be played during their upcoming tour for Just Sing at every location across the country and into the world!” Maynard said. “So what’s in it for me? Everything God has intended for my life! The message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is being spread! God is good, and He is faithful. Y’all follow this family, book a show near you, and be blessed by their music!

The entire new album will be released on November 19.

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