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Mayor-elect speaks to Kiwanians

During their December 7 meeting at The Rustic Grill, members of the local Kiwanis Club heard from Greg Bennett, incoming mayor for the City of Swainsboro.

During that time, the 19 attendees listened to the mayor-elect changes he plans to implement to help Swainsboro grow and prosper. Specifically, Bennett talked about the 20 items that will be considered on an upcoming retreat for Swainsboro City Council.

He also discussed: plans to build 80 apartments inside the city limits as well as a new subdivision on the north end of town; the possibility of Chick-fil-A and Arby’s coming to Swainsboro; an adjustment to the city’s role in the recreation department and a control shift of the city parks to the city; a grant to be submitted to revamp Harmon Park; the high millage rate in Swainsboro and the need to lower it to, in turn, alleviate the tax burden on property owners; a tax reduction for senior citizen property owners to be proposed later; exploring an increase to the salaries of some city workers, especially police and firefighters; an adjustment to the insurance stipend; and finally, a plan to replace police cars annually as older vehicles are phased out, which will lead to a more standardized look for city police vehicles.

Ultimately, Bennett hopes the city council will work together to get these business items handled.

Ahead of his program, he was introduced by host John David Bailey.

In other meeting news, Bailey won the raspberry cheesecake donated by Cayla Scarboro and Cheryl Goodman won the pizza donated by Domino’s.

President Dianna Wedincamp presided over the meeting.

To become a member of the Kiwanis Club of Swainsboro, contact Membership Chair Jane Durden at 478-494-4113 or e-mail her at hsdurden@bellsouth.net. For more information about Swainsboro Kiwanis Club and the many community service projects it does each year, go to http://www.swainsborokiwanis.org or visit the club’s Facebook page.

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