Meet the Doctor: Dr. James Ray

Dr. James Ray has had a successful clinic in Emanuel County since January 1979. The Ray Clinic is located in Swainsboro just off West Main St. He has been practicing for over 46 years and is a staple in the community.

Dr. Ray graduated from Samford University, and he later attended and graduated from the University of Alabama School of Medicine.

When deciding to become a doctor, Dr. Ray took some time to think about the decision. “It was not a light shining from the sky, but after some considerations of how I could be of service to my fellow citizens. I taught high school math and science in Alabama and Savannah, one year each, then after some more courses that were required for medical school admission, so I entered medical school,” said Dr. Ray.

Helping and being of service to the community is most important to Dr. Ray. He enjoys the friendships he has made in Swainsboro and the bonds he has built with his patients. “One of my favorite patients brought me a small clipping from a newspaper that read: ‘My doctor is not only my doctor, but he’s my friend also.’ That’s what I like and love about most of my patients.”

When Dr. Ray is not in office, he enjoys spending quality time with his family. He has been married to his beloved Harriet for over 57 years, and they have four sons: David, Marty, Andy, and Stephen. All of his sons graduated from David Emanuel Academy and have given him four wonderful daughters-in-law and eight grandchildren.

Dr. Ray and his family enjoy traveling together in their time off from work. Most of all, Dr. Ray loves University of Alabama football. “Our most joyful times have been on trips to the west, to state parks in Georgia and other states, fishing and just plain hanging out to watch the Crimson Tide play football,” said Dr. Ray.

Dr. Ray continues to live life to the fullest and his hobbies have not changed, but the Ray Clinic has had to work together and make necessary changes due to COVID-19. Since last winter, the clinic has had to increase their telehealth outreaches at a higher level to ensure the safety of their patients. “Office visits are much frequent than previously. The principle of course is to maintain as much social distancing as possible. A significant effect of the changes is that our office staff is much more dependent on ‘teamwork’ than in previous times,” said Dr. Ray.

The community of Swainsboro can help out Dr. Ray’s business and medical professionals by using their services as much as possible for their medical needs. Patients are also encouraged by Dr. Ray to provide feedback and suggest ways he can improve his clinic. “As a sideline it can be very helpful if all persons in Emanuel County that pay state income taxes will consider and be involved in the Georgia Heart Program by giving money to Emanuel Medical Center that will be returned to you via a 100 percent tax credit on your state income taxes.”

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