Meet the Doctor: Jim Sanders, Pharm.D.

Jim Sanders Pharm.D. and his wife, Kimmy, are both pharmacists. Jim always knew he wanted to do something in the medical field, so he thought being a pharmacist would be the best match.

He completed his undergraduate at Mercer University. Kimmy went to East Georgia, which was a junior college back then. The pair ended up meeting at Mercer College of Pharmacy in Atlanta.

Originally, Jim is from Metter. “Being from Metter, I would have fought you back in the ‘80s if you’d have said my children had to go to ECI. So far, we have two ECI graduates and hopefully two more next year. Kimmy grew up in Kite and graduated from Johnson County High School,” he said.

Family is important to the Sanders clan. They have four children together and couldn’t be happier. “Kimmy and I had two girls and thought our family was complete. Then, we got a surprise that she was expecting again. That surprise doubled when it turned out to be twins. The early years were pretty challenging. Maybe that’s why I’m enjoying having adult children so much. One of our favorite things to do is family movie night.”

In 2006, the Sanders came to own part of Medical Center Pharmacy, along with Butch Parrish. Medical Center has been in business since 2002. Jim says, “‘It’s like having a pharmacist in the family’ is a phrase I’ve used in some of our advertising over the years. I want this to be the way it feels when people use our pharmacy. I love the relationships we develop with our customers, and I appreciate them trusting us to fill their prescriptions.”

In his daily routine, Jim is constantly dispensing medicine and helping out with customer service. “Over the years, handling insurance issues has become one of the biggest challenges. It’s not uncommon for a prescription to cost in excess of $500. On the front end, this usually means the prescriber has to prove the patient needs that particular medication. On the back end, it usually means an audit is coming and we better make sure all the proper documentation is in place because a simple omission can end up costing the pharmacy several thousands of dollars,” he explained.

COVID-19 has brought stress into not only owning a pharmacy but protecting his employees and customers. “It has certainly been a stressful time in the pharmacy. I really don’t think my particular role has changed that much as a pharmacist. We still do some face-to-face interaction, but retail pharmacy has always involved a lot of time spent on the phone. My role as an owner and manager has been where the bigger change has occurred. We have had to do a lot of brainstorming to try to protect the customers as well as the employees and make the process of coming to the pharmacy as safe as it can be. I’m really looking forward to COVID-19 being a memory.”

The Sanderses encourage the Swainsboro community and surrounding areas to support their business. Not only are the pair professional, but they are personable. Their aim is to take care of customers to the best of their ability.

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