Meet the Doctor: Jodi Brannen PA-C

Jodi Gilmer PA-C knew she wanted to become a nurse practitioner from Day 1. “I always knew I wanted to do something in the medial field. I explored many options until I found my calling,” said Gilmer. “I liked the flexibility the position offered, and I am able to help people in more ways than one all the while expanding my skill and knowledge.”

Gilmer fulfilled her dreams by graduating from South University and loves what being a nurse practitioner has given her. After graduating from South, Gilmer got to follow her dreams while embracing the love and support of her family. She now works at Emanuel Medical Center and loves the time she has practiced there. She has been married to Richard Gilmer for three years, and they have precious fur babies that they love to go hiking with. “Free time is hard to come by these days!”

Gilmer says that COVID-19 has been hard for everyone.

“I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Covid has been like slowly rubbing hot sauce in your eyes for everyone. It hasn’t been fun! It has tested us all at times. At the end of the day, it’s important to reflect on the oath I took to take care of people to the best of my ability. Other illnesses still exist and must be managed with care—COVID or no COVID. Quality healthcare cannot stop for COVID.”

Even though Gilmer does not get much free time, her work is very rewarding.

“My co-workers and nurses, Whittney and Kathy, have worked so hard without wavering through the madness of COVID-19. When you have a team that empowers each other it makes work days more enjoyable,” said Gilmer. “I’m excited to see what the future holds for EHC-small clinic with a big future.”

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