Meet the Doctors: Michael Edenfield, NP

The Ray Clinic in Swainsboro is home to a few medical professionals that work actively in the community. Michael Edenfield, also known as “Mikey,” is a nurse practitioner and one of these superheroes.

Family means a great deal to Edenfield as it provides what he needs to have a balanced life. “Daily my family provides much needed support, inspiration, and the love and peace I need after a busy day at work,” he commented.

He and his wife, Abby Edenfield, both grew up in Swainsboro and have a strong connection with the small town. Abby teaches first grade at Swainsboro Primary School and has given him two active, young boys, Asher and Sawyer.

In his free time, he enjoys hunting and watching the University of Georgia play football. Sometimes, his rewarding job comes with stress, and he loves to unwind by spending time with family and friends.

Edenfield has many inspirations, but his biggest support systems through school was his mother and grandmother, both of whom pushed him to be the best he could be.

“My mom went to school after my brother and I were born and became a nurse to get out of factory work. She then pushed me harder than anyone has pushed me before. She knew there was potential and didn’t ever let me settle for good enough. There were multiple other nurses that include aunts, an uncle, a grandfather, and a grandmother. My grandmother started as a nurse and later become a nurse practitioner. Like my mom, she pushed me to be the best me and was always there for me to lend a helping hand through school and in my earlier years as a registered nurse. She was an excellent role model, and her love for her patients greatly inspired me.”

Patients play a huge role in Edenfield’s daily duties as an NP. He loves building bonds with his patients by providing a listening ear and paying attention to each assessment. This is how he figures out what is exactly going on with his patients. He notices that over the five years he has been a NP, he has built trust with his patients over time.

Ray Clinic has been a big part of Edenfield’s life since he was a young child as his grandmother practiced there nearly her entire career as a NP.

When asked what advice he would give to someone coming into the medical field he said, “The medical profession to me is the most rewarding profession I can think of.

Times will be tough many days and some days you will wonder if you picked the right profession. But, stick in there. When you realize the difference, you make in one patient’s life, and they thank you for all do, it all becomes worth it. You will be needed and appreciated by many.”

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