Meet the Teachers of the Year: Cam Holloway

The newest group of Teachers of the Year for Emanuel County Schools were recently selected. These educators include Keri Claxton at Swainsboro Primary School, Charlean Love at Swainsboro High School, Michelle Fondren of Swainsboro Middle School, Joey Korwin of Emanuel County Institute, Jennifer Best of Twin City Elementary, and Cam Holloway of Swainsboro Elementary School. The Crossroads Chronicle has featured profiles on each of these teachers over the past few weeks. Rounding out the series is this week’s featuree, Cam Holloway.

Cam Holloway is Swainsboro Elementary’s Teacher of the Year. He has recently completed his fourth year of teaching. The year of 2020-2021 was his second year at SES.

A native of Chauncey, Holloway graduated with honors from Dodge County High School. He then graduated from Valdosta State University with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education. Holloway did his student teaching in the Valdosta and Lowndes County school systems. He has previously worked for two years as a health and physical education teacher and after-school coordinator at a private school in Valdosta.

Holloway was recently a part of the back-to-back middle school football championship coaching staff. He was part of a team that helped coach the student-athletes to win a championship in 2019 and 2020. During his time off from coaching and teaching, Holloway makes a point to support his student-athletes at their sporting events any time he has the opportunity.

Two of Holloway’s football coaches in school were health and physical educators who encouraged him to pursue a degree in education. For further inspiration, one of Holloway’s professors told him that becoming a teacher would make him a better coach.

“I’ve always had a passion for helping others learn and become a part of a team,” Holloway said. “I feel like I have accomplished many of my goals by positively impacting the learning experiences of students and student-athletes whom I’ve taught and coached.”

According to Holloway, his favorite part of the job is building rapport with his students and student-athletes and watching them excel in school, sports, and life. He believes this rapport with both students and staff, work ethic, attitude, dedication, compassion, and consistency earned him the humble title of Teacher of the Year. This honor has left him surprised, honored, and more motivated.

As for his future as an educator, Holloway plans to earn his master’s degree in health and wellness and continue teaching health and physical education for many more years.

To him, “Teacher of the Year” means someone who is passionate, dedicated, driven, consistent, and absolutely loves what they do.

“This person goes above and beyond to help students enjoy their learning experiences. Also, this person makes a positive impact on others,” he said.

He plans to continue teaching, coaching, and striving to meet this standard.

Holloway would like to thank all of the family, friends, staff, and students for their love and support.

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