Meet the Teachers of the Year: Charlean Love

The newest group of Teachers of the Year for Emanuel County Schools were recently selected. These educators include Keri Claxton at Swainsboro Primary School, Charlean Love at Swainsboro High School, Michelle Fondren of Swainsboro Middle School, Joey Korwin of Emanuel County Institute, Jennifer Best of Twin City Elementary, and Cam Holloway of Swainsboro Elementary School. The Crossroads Chronicle will feature profiles of each teacher over the next few weeks. First up is Charlean Love.

Charlean Love has been voted Teacher of the Year for Swainsboro High School. The Hazelhurst native has been teaching in Swainsboro schools since 2004. Love received her Bachelor of Science from Brewton-Parker in 2003 and later her Master’s in Education from Columbia State in 2016.

Before Swainsboro, Love got her start as a special education teacher when there was a last-minute short-term opening in Vidalia at Sally Meadows.

Love knew her calling was to teach her entire life. She wasn’t sure which subject areas or grade levels that she would prefer, but she quickly found out. For the past 18 years, Love has been a history teacher. She specializes in special education economics, world history, and U.S. history. For the last six years, she has taught specifically to seniors as well as inclusion and small classes. Her classes are aimed to produce successful, independent students through teaching them essential life skills.

Interactions with students have made her job worth the while. Love finds reward in watching her students “connect the dots and be self-sufficient.” She explains, “Learning how to help students that struggle and helping them be successful and productive citizens—that’s the ultimate goal.” She credits both special education and regular education staff for helping to make this positive impact.

When she was nominated as Teacher of the Year, Love was shocked and excited. She was flooded with congratulations over the phone before she even realized that she had won.

According to Love, it means the world that her colleagues thought enough of her, her work, and her position to vote for her. She says she is both humbled and honored.

In the future, Love hopes to continue do the work that earned her Teacher of the Year. She aims to go above and beyond for her students. She wants to continue to teach special education and “do what [she] need[s] to do.” She wants to thank her husband, Sid, and sons Christopher and Josh, who she is “very proud of.” She would also like to acknowledge Dr. Denise Warnock. About her, Love said, “Being under her leadership has made me grow as a person and a leader. She is an amazing leader and teacher. I owe my skills to her. She has guided and molded me into the educator that I am today.”

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