Meet the Teachers of the Year: Joey Korwin

The newest group of Teachers of the Year for Emanuel County Schools were recently selected. These educators include Keri Claxton at Swainsboro Primary School, Charlean Love at Swainsboro High School, Michelle Fondren of Swainsboro Middle School, Joey Korwin of Emanuel County Institute, Jennifer Best of Twin City Elementary, and Cam Holloway of Swainsboro Elementary School. The Crossroads Chronicle will feature profiles of each teacher over the next few weeks. This week’s featured teacher is Joey Korwin.

Joseph “Joey” Korwin is Emanuel County Institute’s Teacher of the Year. The Augusta native has taught at ECI for five years now. Specifically, Korwin teaches literature, coaches middle school football, and assists boys varsity basketball. In addition to the Teacher of the Year Award, Mr. Korwin was also named ECI’s 2021 STAR Teacher.

Korwin earned his bachelor’s in English as well as a master’s degree in English and Master of Arts in Teaching at Georgia Southern University. He never aspired to be a teacher but realized that he liked books and liked talking about books, so teaching literature just made sense.

Teaching, for Korwin, is all about genuine interactions with kids. Being able to share and receive feedback from students about literature is rewarding, and he hopes that sentiment goes both ways. He takes an honest and intentional approach to schoolwork, ensuring that kids get their worth from the class. He feels that this intentionality and prioritization of time is something that students and parents appreciate.

When he received the news that he had won Teacher of the Year he was surprised. Korwin explained, “I didn’t expect it. It means your colleagues voted for you, and it is a good feeling.” He loves the classroom and the students and has no intentions of ever stopping. He explains that his approach is to “respect the profession, give your very best whether it is on the field, court, or classroom. The goal is to make people better when they leave your classroom.”

Korwin would like to thank his wife, Andrea, who he says is the true “Teacher of the Year,” and his daughter, Emma, who has changed his perspective on teaching for the better. He would like to acknowledge Tracy Mercer and Frank Wimberly as being respected mentors as well as friends. He would also like to thank the coaching staff—Chris Kearson, Stephen Clark, and Greg Kennedy—for helping him “tread the waters” of coaching.

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