Metter sweet shop, Scoops, to close

By Suzanne Tyson/The Metter Advertiser

METTER — Scoops owners Greg and Tammie Strickland announce that they have made the decision to depart from the Scoops franchise, effective March 6, 2022.

“This is a decision that we hate to make, but it is one that will be best for us and our family,” says Tammie Strickland, who has been doing day-to-day management of the popular South Broad Street ice cream and candy shop.

Scoops opened on July 8, 2020 and has been a successful business ever since.

Says Tammie, “Everybody loves it, and we really thank everyone for their support during our time serving the people who have visited our storefront.”

She adds that she has enjoyed meeting the many customers who have visited the store in the 19 months they have been open.

“I never imagined that so many people would be drawn into an ice cream shop,” she exclaims with a hint of sadness. The couple has seen not just local customers; the Stricklands say they have met people from nearby counties who have come to Scoops for treats as well as people who have moved to Metter who find their way to the attractive ice cream parlor.

Tammie gives an example, “I just met some people who moved to Metter from California. Without Scoops, I would have never known them.”

She says that the shop has often drawn travelers off of I-16. “They tell me that they googled ‘ice cream’ and found Scoops,” she states with amazement.

The Stricklands are giving almost a month’s notice so that people who are holding Scoops gift cards will have time to redeem their cards for sweet treats. They caution that any gift cards not used before the shop closes will not be honored at other locations of Scoops.

Both of the Stricklands say that their time with Scoops has been one of the most fun jobs they have ever had. Tammie adds, “The shop is the most pleasant job. When I’m there (in the shop), I don’t want to leave.” She says that helping serve children and their families has been the highlight.

Two special children that Tammie has especially loved to serve are Jax and Axel Womack, the Stricklands’ grandchildren. “They have loved Scoops as well,” she says.

Another highlight of owning and operating Scoops has been the young people who have worked in the shop alongside the Stricklands. Both Greg and Tammie say the teens who have worked for them have been great kids to work with, and they wish their employees well in future endeavors.

Until Scoops closes on Sunday, March 6, the store will be open regular hours and will continue to serve ice cream treats and candies. They urge people who are holding gift cards to redeem them as quickly as possible as inventory will be limited closer to the final day of business.

Greg Strickland concludes, “We look forward to serving Metter and the surrounding communities until our closing date.”

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