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Middle school Bulldogs begin region action

Middle school baseball action is underway for Emanuel County Institute. The 2022 Bulldogs are being led on the field by head coach Greg Kennedy with ECI alum Heath Simmons assisting.

In an email Monday, Kennedy provided the latest on his team.

The younger Bulldogs have jumped out to an early 3–0 lead on the year. So far, they’ve picked up wins against Swainsboro and Jenkins County in the Citizens Bank Invitational Tournament on February 19.

ECI won 11–9 against the Tigers and made quick work of the War Eagles, putting up a ton of runs in a shutout win 12–0.

The following Tuesday, February 22, saw Kennedy and company face off against Southeast Bulloch in Brooklet, and the Bulldogs returned home with a 19–13 win.

Region action officially began this week as the Bulldogs hit the road, traveling to Millen, on Monday, February 18. A rematch will follow on Wednesday, March 2, in Twin City.

ECI’s middle school schedule follows.

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