Miss EGSC shares platform with students

Anita Cerpovicz, Miss East Georgia State College 2021, recently visited third, fourth, and fifth graders at Trinity Christian School to share her platform, “Running into Mathematics.” Each Miss EGSC is required to choose a platform she will promote throughout her year of service. Cerpovicz’s platform teaches kids the importance of math and exercise and how the two can be put together in order to achieve learning in a fun and different way.

“I felt this was important because many children today struggle in math and lack in exercising,” said Cerpovicz. “Since I have a passion for both math and exercise, I wanted to put the two together and share that with others.”

During her presentations at Trinity Christian School, she began with a short presentation explaining the importance of math, how it’s used in everyday life, and the different careers that use it. She then spoke about the importance of exercise and the daily recommendations from the CDC. Cerpovicz linked the two topics together for the students explaining how exercise is beneficial to learning.

After the presentation, the students participated in activities that allowed them to practice their math while exercising. This included a relay race and a matching game. The math used was geometry related (triangles, angles, and shapes) and multiplication facts. During each round of the relay race, students were doing different exercises such as bear crawls, crab walks, and jumping jacks.

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