Mitchell siblings take down bucks

There’s nothing quite like a little sibling rivalry, especially when it comes to sports. Brian and Mary Mitchell of Swainsboro have seen it play out firsthand between their son, Tanner, and daughter, Charley.

On the evening of November 3, Charley and Brian headed to the woods together. She’s 11-years-old now, and she has been hunting the since age 7. Neither she nor her dad had any idea that this ordinary hunt would turn into one so special.

By the end of the outing at about 6:45 p.m., she had taken down her first buck ever. He was a mature-looking 7-point that weighed in around 185 pounds. The Mitchells say he looked as if he had been fighting due to a missing a brow tine, numerous scars, and lots of missing fur. This was also the first deer taken on the family’s personal land as opposed to acres leased for hunting.

Mary says Charley used an AR for the harvest.

“She was so very excited,” her mother explained. “I was inside cooking and Tanner had just said, ‘Daddy better not let her shoot my big buck,’ referring to the one on camera. Then, I heard her shoot and three seconds later, Charley called me and said, ‘Mama! I just dropped him! I got a big one!’ She was pumped about it.”

Naturally, the family loaded up the animal, took it to the processors at Pinetucky, and had some jerky and sausage made for the kids. They also plan to have the trophy turned into a European mount for keeps.

Not to be outdone,8-year-old Tanner and his dad had their own bonding time in the stand on family land two days later. Though this wasn’t his first buck like his sister’s, the hunt on November 5 yielded for Tanner an 8-point, his biggest to date. (He has taken two 6-points in prior years, making the latest harvest his third overall since he started hunting at age 5.) His dad estimates the trophy to have weighed around 160 pounds.

“He was super excited as his sister had just killed one two days prior, and he was really mad that he didn’t get the first buck of the season,” Mary said. “His daddy said he told Tanner, ‘There’s a buck out there,’ then he shot it within a few seconds of it appearing.”

Tanner made a perfect shot using a family friend’s .350 Legend, but the deer ran about 40 yards before dropping.

Brian and Mary had the second deer processed and have since put away the meat the harvest produced. They also turned the cape over to Justin Peebles with Peebles Taxidermy, who did a “fantastic job” on the European mount now hanging in Tanner’s room.

Both siblings attend Emanuel County Schools. Charley is in Coach Greg Kennedy’s sixth grade class at ECI while her younger brother is in Tammy Harrell’s third grade class at Twin City Elementary.

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