More copies of ‘Grace Needs Hay,’ ‘Grace and Gigi Save The Day’ donated

On behalf of Kiddie Kampus Learning Center, Tracy Bell, a kindergarten paraprofessional of five years, presented Swainsboro Primary School’s library with literature for the students to enjoy by Swainsboro’s very own author, Jocelyn Kiyara Williams.

Williams is the 10-year-old, two-time Amazon best-selling author behind “Grace Needs Hay” and “Grace and Gigi Save The Day.” She currently is in fourth grade at Swainsboro Elementary School.

During the presentation, she signed several copies of her book that will be donated to classrooms and the library.

The daughter of Brian and Chondra Williams wrote “Grace Needs Hay” for the Young Georgia Authors Writing Competition during second grade. That experience has since inspired her to publish both books.

Williams is a respectful child who is engaged, curious, humble, and knowledge-loving. She also enjoys spending time with her family and caring for her animals. Both now and in the future, Williams wants to inspire and motivate others to read and write through her love of writing.

Those interested in obtaining copies of “Grace Needs Hay” and/or “Grace and Gigi Save The Day” can do so this weekend; see page 7 for information about an upcoming book signing event.

[Editor’s note: The donation to Swainsboro Primary School comes after Williams gave away copies of her two original short stories to Franklin Memorial Library. She also recently gifted copies of her work to The Crossroads Chronicle; Trudie Kasper accepted the books to house in newspaper’s office.]

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