More inmates take advantage of educational opportunity at Emanuel County Jail

Since last summer, Emanuel County Sheriff Jeffrey Brewer has prioritized a unique educational opportunity for inmates, thanks to a partnership with Southeastern Technical College. The fruits of this labor were made evident again recently as yet another group of inmates fulfilled the requirements to graduate with an educational achievement.

The latest development saw Jamal Allen, Steven Thames, Johnathan Futch, Victor Gallegos, Tyrone Phillips, and Leilani Beneteau graduate from STC with their GEDs.

Pictured with each of the graduates (except Hawkins, Gordy, and Givens, who were no longer in the detention center when the photos were taken) is Captain West Bedgood. He serves as jail administrator and oversees the day-to-day duties of the GED class, along with other jail staff.

Since the implementation of the partnership with STC, other inmates have completed their GEDs as well, along with some inmates obtaining various certifications that will be useful in the workforce.

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