More than 50 lives changed through Swainsboro Awakening

The “Awake America Again” revival and crusade has been going on nightly for the past two weeks in Swainsboro. The services have been led by Dr. David Harrison and have featured a few worship bands such as “The Allens” and “The Nelons.”

The crusade has led many to Christ and will continue having services in the Swainsboro community until. On January 17, Hillcrest Baptist Church celebrated the awakening of the revival by having 19 dedications to Christ through baptism. Eighteen of those 19 people also became members of Hillcrest Baptist Church since revival began: Sarah Coxwell, Carol Ann Arrington, Dave Akins, Amber Fields, Kandace Shuman, Taylor White, Denise Braswell, Alex Wilkerson, James Parker, Timothy Dobson, Brinzlei Webb, Natavus Robertson, Jada Thompson, Alexa Camarero, Hannah Camarero, Maggie Smith, Amber Wilkerson, and Deione Carter. Jamie Lee was also baptized but did not make a membership decision.

In addition to those 19 individuals being baptized and joining Hillcrest, four more people—Hillcrest members Sera Harris, Karmen Thompson, Kayla Norris, and Silas Frew—rededicated their lives to God through baptism as well.

Denise Lott, Nikki Smith, and Salma Cueva also became members of Hillcrest Baptist.

The spiritual celebration continued through the end of last week when 48 more souls were saved Friday night.

About his experience through the revival, Robertson said, “As a born-again Christian, I believe God has influenced me in a huge way to die to my sin, take up my cross, and live for Him daily. Each and every day has become a day dedicated to growing in my spiritual walk.”

All are invited to Hillcrest Baptist Church and are encouraged to join them in their services and the “Swainsboro Awakening.”

Each nightly service at 7 p.m. has chairs placed to CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of each attendee. Face masks are provided, and social distancing is practiced at each nightly service.

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