Oak Park council meeting minutes

The City of Oak Park City Council held their regularly scheduled council meeting on June 2, 2022, at the Community House in Oak Park at 7 p.m. with all council members present.

The meeting was called at 7:06 p.m. by Mayor Mickey Lindsey. Councilwoman Penny Jones led prayer and pledge. Dennis Warren made motion to approve minutes/Penny Jones seconded- all in favor/passed. Dennis Warren made motion to approve minutes/AJ McLeod seconded – all in favor/passed.



• EPD Labs sent over lab reports up to 2015 to the city, J & T has to get with Dublin Labs and Altamaha Labs and request the result from Feb 2015 to present from them.

• WATER LINE BREAK • The water line was fixed by Allen’s Electrical & Plumbing, the cost was $2105.09

• PROPERTY FOR THE SEPTIC TANK • Mayor spoke with Davis Ogden at Turnipseed on 06/001/2022, Davis informed the mayor that the first company they spoke with wanted a tank with a large flow out and Turnipseed thought that was too much, so they have contacted a new company for a second opinion.

• Davis also advised that the soil sample results were back, and they are suitable. • Jeremy Johns with J&T Environmental told the mayor about a new type of tank and he would speak with Turnipseed about it, they aren’t sure if it will work for the city.


• Mayor brought quotes to purchase a backhoe to the council, the council voted to purchase from Hendrix Machinery. AJ McLeod made motion; Dennis Warren seconded – all in favor/motion passed.

• Councilwoman Penny Jones asked which account the money would come out of, mayor advised it would be SPLOST.

FINANCIAL REPORTS: Mayor Lindsey read financial reports, no questions or concerns mentioned.

  • General Funds – 103,250.19

  • Public Works Funds – 22,731.96

  • SPLOST Funds – 87,048.63

  • DOT Funds – 51,686.76

  • GRANT – 87,820.17 NEW BUSINESS:


• Mayor advised that the city was granted the LMIG (Local Maintenance & Improvement Grant) for $17,148.08 to use for road work and maintenance.

  • REPAYMENT for TSPLOST MONIES FROM 2017 o Third payment was made on June 1, 2022

  • FUEL TANK FOR CITY • Mayor brought before the council, the purchase of a fuel tank for the city’s equipment. o May monthly bill for fuel was $500.00 • Mayor will get prices from Woodland Oil and Gay Oil, each company will provide the tank and pump, and the city only pays for the purchase of fuel. • Dennis Warren made a motion to approve purchase/Robert Warnock seconded the motion– all in favor/passed.

The city clerk will be on vacation June 6-10, if there is an emergency call the mayor on his cell phone.

Councilwoman asked about the bar at HWY 16, the mayor informed her that the sheriff called and requested a copy of the business and alcohol license, the sheriff informed the mayor that they have one more chance if they get another call they will be shut down. The sheriff's department has given them a citation.

• SHINERS – report given by Terry Strange • Phillip Phillips will be cutting down some limbs at the schoolhouse at no charge, there is no set time just before the Moonshine Festival. • He stated that he feels like this is going to be the biggest festival yet, he asked that everyone share posts about the festival to get the word out.

Dennis Warren made a motion to adjourn the meeting/Robert Warnock's second motion – all in favor/passed @ 7:42 p.m.

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