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Reports from Emanuel County S.O.

Reports from Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office, under the leadership of Sheriff Jeffrey Brewer, are as follows:

Deputies responded to an abandoned vehicle in the roadway. On scene, there was no one in the vehicle. After searching the area, deputies found a male hiding in a ditch. The male stated that there were two men dressed in camouflage with firearms chasing him. The man, discovered to be the driver of the abandoned vehicle, appeared to be under the influence of methamphetamine. Deputies found a small bag of methamphetamine in the vehicle. The offender was arrested and the vehicle was towed.

Deputies received a call-in by Life360 for a vehicle accident. On scene, the vehicle appeared to have left the roadway and bogged down in a wooded area. The driver appeared to be intoxicated, and told a story that did not match tire tracks. The driver registered a blood alcohol content of 0.92. The driver was arrested.

Deputies responded to a domestic dispute call. The argument was between a husband and wife, and no physical altercation had occurred. The wife said she would be seeking a TPO and pursuing a divorce. The husband was going into work and left the residence for the evening.

Deputies assisted with a fully engulfed tractor trailer fire on Arthur Hutcheson Road. No injuries were reported.

Deputies received a call concerning damage to a vehicle. The complainant was traveling behind a tractor pulling a large metal frame to scrape the road. The driver of the tractor stated the the complainant was following too closely and when the chain broke, the frame hit the complainant’s car. The damage to the car was minor.

Deputies served an arrest warrant. The offender was arrested without incident.

Deputies were attempting to serve an arrest warrant at a residence. The offender’s girlfriend and grandmother stated he was at work. The offender’s father told deputies that he was hiding in the home. Deputies found the offender hiding under the grandmother’s bed. The offender was arrested without incident.

Deputies received a call concerning an abandoned vehicle blocking the roadway. The vehicle was stuck on a dirt road overnight while it was raining. The vehicle was towed without incident.

Deputies responded to a residence in reference to an offender attempting to retrieve a four-wheeler that was falsely sold to him. The offender stated that a woman who had lived at the residence off and on for the past 10 years had sold him the ATV and made out a bill of sale for him. The woman had recently been evicted, and the ATV did not belong to her. When asked, the offender refused to show officers the bill of sale. The ATV remained at the residence, and the offender was told to leave.

Deputies served multiple active arrest warrants without incident.

Deputies responded to a residence concerning a 911 hang up call. One party was upset that their cat was attacked by the other party’s dog. One party believed the other party threatened to shoot them, but they actually said they would shoot the dog if this happened again. Neither party wished to make a report or seek charges, and they were advised of remedies through the court if a problem were to persist.

Deputies responded to a call concerning someone knocking on doors and a vehicle stuck in the ditch. On scene, deputies located the vehicle and found the driver laying in the backseat. There was an opened bottle of liquor in the floorboard. Deputies spoke with the woman, who stated she is from out of state, and that she borrowed the vehicle from a friend to go on a “Tinder date”. She stated she had not had anything to drink. On scene, she agreed to a breathalyzer and blew a 0.272. Her license was suspended as well. She was transported to Emanuel County Jail for booking, where she blew a 0.277 on the breathalyzer.

Deputies received a call concerning the attempted theft of chickens. The complainant spoke with the three individuals and told them they could have the roosters, but not the hens. Later, they came back at a time they should not have been on the property. The investigation is pending.

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