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Reports from Emanuel County S.O.

Reports from Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office, under the leadership of Sheriff Jeffrey Brewer, are as follows:

Deputies were dispatched to a vehicle collision with a deer. The vehicle sustained damage, but it was able to be driven. No injuries were reported.

Deputies responded to a vehicle collision with a deer. No injuries were reported. The vehicle’s back window was broken in the collision.

A complainant called 911 in reference to someone walking through her backyard. Deputies were unable to find anyone on her property.

Deputies were able to locate and arrest a subject with active arrest warrants.

Deputies initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle for no insurance. It was discovered that due to the driver’s health status, the vehicle’s registration and insurance were not renewed. Deputies gave the driver a ride home, and made contact with the driver’s family to retrieve the vehicle.

Deputies took a report from a company in Alabama. The company issued the subject a cellphone, and the cellphone was not returned with the employee quit. The software and hardware missing is valued at $2,000.

Deputies made a traffic stop for speeding. The driver was going 76 mph in a 55 mph zone.

Deputies responded to a structure fire. There were reports of a male on scene with a firearm. That was discovered to be false, and it was believed that the male was misunderstood due to a language barrier. Deputies assisted with the fire.

Deputies responded to Old Reidsville Road in response to theft by entering an automobile. The victim said that he left his truck unlocked the night prior, and that morning there was $300 and two firearms missing from his truck.

Deputies responded again to Old Reidsville Road at a different residence. This victim noticed two firearms missing from his and his girlfriend’s vehicles as well as several other items.

Deputies responded again to Old Reidsville Road at a third address. The victim, an off-duty law enforcement officer from anther state that was down visiting family, noticed that his three weapons, including his duty weapon, his duty belt, and assault bag (with an assortment of ammunition) were all missing from his vehicle. Deputies believe all of the incidents occurring in the Old Reidsville Road area are connected.

Deputies responded to a call concerning someone shooting a dog near the roadway.

Deputies responded to Club Rolex for a dispute between a male and a female. One of the parties was arrested for simple battery.

Deputies responded to a family violence situation on Highway 80 East. The offender had an active order from the court that stated he stay away from the victim. He was given a courtesy ride back to his residence.

Deputies responded to a domestic violence situation with visible injuries on both parties. Neither party wished to press charges, and they were separated for the evening.

Deputies assisted with a single vehicle accident near Bluebird Road. No injuries were reported.

Deputies responded to a residence on Highway 297 for breaking and entering and potential burglary. The homeowner was out of town, and the caller was at the home to check on the homeowner’s dogs. The caller noticed a broken window and a chair against the side of the home. Deputies advised the homeowner to contact them when he returned home, and to advise them of what, if anything, was missing.

Deputies assisted with a TPO violation. The offender had threatened to break the TPO and come to the victim’s house. The victim had nailed her windows shut out of concern. Deputies advised the victim to call 911 if the offender came to her house, and to seek assistance from the magistrate court going forward.

Deputies responded to a residence on Coleman Chapel Road in reference to a domestic dispute in which the victim was struck with a sheet of plywood, causing injuries. Neither party wished to press charges, but one party wanted to remove their items from the residence. Deputies assisted with removing items, however there were more items in a storage building. The ownership of those items were unclear, so they remained at the residence.

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