Reports from SPD: Week of May 18, 2022

Reports from Swainsboro Police Department, under the leadership of Chief Randy Ellison, are as follows:

An officer assisted with a dispute at a residence on Curtis Street. According to the complainant, a known offender had stopped him at a different location earlier that day and cursed him out. The complainant reportedly received a threatening text message after the incident.

A woman visited headquarters and reported that her dog was missing. She believed her ex-boyfriend walking with the dog after leaving a residence in the area.

An officer served a warrant on Church Street. The female offender was taken into custody without incident and transported to the jail.

A woman on Ben Street filed a report in reference to a known offender threatening to slap her. She was advised to seek counseling from the court system as there were children involved.

An officer was dispatched to a Lewis Street apartment and met with the complainant, who reported stolen money. She accused her neighbor of taking the funds. The officer then spoke with the neighbor, who gave a different account. He was explained the process of self-prosecution and informed a report would be made.

Officers responded to a residence on Lambs Bridge Road in reference to an assault that had already occurred. Ultimately, the offender was arrested, transported to the jail, and charged.

A male inside the local post office was arrested on terroristic threats charges as the result of an incident that took place at the location. He was transported to the jail.

An officer made a traffic stop on Lambs Bridge Road, which led to one man’s arrest. He was found to be operating the vehicle without a license or insurance. He was also charged with improperly removing/affixing a tag.

A male visited headquarters and filed a report in reference to threatening text messages from an offender who lives in Florida.

Two officers served a warrant on North Green Street. The female offender was taken into custody without incident, transported to the jail, and booked.

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