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Reports from Swainsboro P.D.

Reports from Swainsboro Police Department, under the leadership of Chief Randy Ellison, are as follows:

Officers initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle going 48 mph in a school zone with a posted speed limit of 35 mph. During the stop, officers were led to believe the driver was under the influence of marijuana, and marijuana was found in the vehicle. The driver was arrested without incident.

Officers took a report for a stolen bicycle.

Officers took a report from a complainant at a local convenience store. A patron, the suspect, entered the store and appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The suspect threatened her unprovoked, and left the store saying “do you want to die now or later?”.

911 dispatched officers to a potential domestic dispute at a residence. The caller stated that her child’s father was at the residence and would not leave. Upon arrival, a brief verbal altercation ensued. The offender left shortly after.

Officers responded to a call about someone being “pistol-whipped”. On scene, the victim had a visible laceration to the temple. The victim was evaluated by EMS, but refused transport to a medical center. There were no witnesses, the offender could not be located, and everyone on scene was intoxicated.

911 dispatched officers to investigate a call concerning a purse being stolen in a parking lot. The victim gave a description of the male that stole her purse, and later in the day, the suspect was located. The suspect denied stealing the purse, however the purse was located a few yards from where officers made contact with the suspect. All contents of the purse were found, save for the cash that the victim told officers she had in the purse. At the jail with the suspect, most of the cash was located on his person and returned to the victim.

Officers responded to a child custody dispute and theft. The father of the child attempted to take the child with him from the child’s grandmother’s home. When he was told he could not do that, he took a wallet containing the mother’s and child’s identification cards, social security cards, and a debit card belonging to the mother. After this, the suspect left the residence.

Officers responded to a call concerning an unwanted person at a residence. While officers were explaining the eviction process to the complainant, the suspect became irate and uncooperative, screaming and flailing her arms. Despite attempts to calm the suspect down, the suspect ended up being arrested for disorderly conduct.

Officers received a call concerning threatening text messages. Upon investigation, it was discovered this was a mental health matter. The suspect requested medical assistance, and was transported to Emanuel Medical. The caller did not wish to press charges, and just wanted to make sure the suspect got the help she needed.

Officers were dispatched to a domestic violence call. The caller decided not to press charges or provide a written statement, and said she would seek a TPO later.

Officers received a call in which the complainant stated that two males in hoodies wearing face coverings were banging on her door late at night. Officers reviewed Ring security camera footage at the residence and then patrolled the area. The suspects could not be located.

Officers responded to a local store for an altercation between the clerk and a patron over a Facebook post. Officers spoke with both parties, and determined the only solution was to ask the patron to leave. The patron left without incident.

Officers were dispatched to Walmart for a patron that skip-scanned $40.47 worth of merchandise and the register. The offender was still at Walmart. The offender was apprehended without incident.

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