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Reports from Swainsboro Police Department

Reports from Swainsboro Police Department, under the leadership of Chief Randy Ellison, are as follows:

Officers took a report for a stolen purse at Walmart. The victim stated that she was in the clothing section when the suspect threw a hatchet in her direction, scaring her. The suspect then snatched the victim’s purse.

Officers spoke with a complainant that wanted to report several unknown numbers calling their cellphone and harassing them.

A victim came to headquarters to report that her ex-boyfriend had taken her phone and sent several explicit pictures from her phone to other people. The victim stated that she found her phone returned on her back porch the following day.

Officers initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle going 51 mph in a 35 mph zone. During the stop, officers noticed two small children in the back of the vehicle without car seats. Officers allowed the driver to take her children to a nearby park while they waiting on someone to bring her car seats. Officers gave the driver 3 citations, one for speeding and two for no safety belt for children. After the car seats were delivered and the driver left the scene, it was discovered that she gave a false name, date of birth, and provided officers with her sisters drivers license. Officers issued warrants under the correct name.

Officers initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle for failure to maintain lane. It was discovered that the vehicle did not have active insurance. The driver stated that it was not her vehicle. The vehicle was towed, and the driver was issued a citation for failure to maintain lane and a citation for driving without valid insurance.

Officers took a report for domestic violence. The offender was said to have choked the complainant, although no visible marks could be found. Officers assisted with the separation of the two individuals.

Officers responded to a 911 call for a dog bite. A child was bitten by a neighbor’s large dog. The child had a laceration on his face and lips. The parents of the child were advised to take the child to the hospital. The neighbor’s dogs were taken and the owner was issued a citation.

Officers took a report concerning an altercation. The suspect came to the complainants place of employment to discuss a personal issue. The complainant told the suspect this was not the place to discuss this matter. The suspect then snatched the complainant’s hand. The complainant was advised on the TPO process.

A complainant contacted SPD to discuss a prior incident. On November 9th, the victim was riding her bicycle down the road when two large dogs began chasing her. She was bitten twice by the dogs. She requested vaccination records for the dogs, and the owner had not provided those. When speaking with the owner, officers discovered the dogs did not have up-to-date vaccinations. The owner was issued citations for dogs at large and dog vaccination requirements.

Officers spoke with a complainant who stated a woman had been coming to his home uninvited and stealing clothes and food. The woman was previously invited to his home, but not on the days and times when she stole items. The complainant only knew the woman’s first name, and that she had was in jail recently for beating a man up. The suspect had stolen a leather coat valued at $6000, and the offender was primarily concerned about the coat being returned.

Officers spoke with a male that stated he received a ride from a male, and after the male dropped him off, he beat him up and stole his wallet containing $200 and his ID. The complainant was intoxicated, did not have any visible marks, could not provide his address or phone number, and could not clearly explain where the incident occurred. The complainant was advised to go home to rest and sober up, and he could come to SPD to discuss the situation and file a report the following day.

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