Reports from Swainsboro Police Department

Reports from Swainsboro Police Department, under the leadership of Chief Randy Ellison, are as follows:

A McDonald’s assistant manager filed a report in reference to a former employee coming into the place of business to pick up his check. When told to wait, he reportedly became angry, then threw his uniform and cursed at the assistant manager. The officer spoke with the offender, who stated he did not throw his uniform and accused the assistant manager of being rude and disrespectful, not him. The end result of the incident saw the officer issue the offender a criminal trespassing warning to prohibit his return to McDonald’s.

A woman on Project Street reported her vehicle as missing. According to the complainant, she woke up and got ready to leave to take her child to the doctor’s office. It was at this point that she noticed the vehicle was gone from her yard, and she did not know who could be responsible. The officer received a call from Emanuel County 911 and was advised the vehicle was involved in a “10–80” with the county and was in a towing company’s possession. The driver was identified. When asked if she knew him, the complainant stated he was the father of her child and they did not stay together, but he did spend the night. The complainant was then instructed to direct all her comments, questions, and concerns to Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office.

An officer made a traffic stop on Longview Road for the purpose of the vehicle’s tint being too dark. During the stop, the driver told officers she had smoked marijuana the day prior, thus there were blunts in the vehicle. The officers searched the vehicle and found a green leafy substance suspected to be marijuana. They also located leftover marijuana paraphernalia and a drug-related object used to smoke. She was issued citations for the tint, possession less than 1 ounce, and possession of drug-related objects. The driver was not arrested as she was picking up her child from daycare and did not have anyone else to do so. She also did not seem impaired at the time of the stop.

An officer made a traffic stop in the Walgreen’s parking lot due to the vehicle having issues maintaining its lane of travel on South Main. This stop ultimately led to the driver’s arrest for operating the vehicle under the influence of drugs. The officer learned during the stop the driver’s license were suspended for failure to appear. In addition to these two charges, the driver was also cited for his second offense of driving on a suspended license. He was transported to the jail and booked, despite his father arriving on scene and asking the officer to allow him, the father, to take the driver home since he was already on probation.

An officer responded to Deluxe Inn in reference to a female who was in the parking lot yelling and knocking on doors. Upon arrival, the officer met with the offender. When asked what was happening, the offender told the officer that her boyfriend was inside the hotel and she wanted him to come outside. She further admitted to smearing cat food on the windows of his truck when he would not comply. The officer went inside and spoke with the victim, who stated he left home due to an argument. The victim also confirmed the offender’s statement about the cat food incident. The victim did not wish to press charges. The officer then spoke with the manager of the hotel; she stated this was the second time in a year the offender had done this on the premises. The manager did not wish to press charges, either. Ultimately, the offender was issued a criminal trespassing warning.

An officer made a traffic stop on Lambs Bridge Road in reference to a speeding motorist. The driver was ultimately arrested for operating the vehicle with a suspended license. He was consequently transported to the jail, booked, and cited.

An officer made a traffic stop on Mable Avenue when the vehicle tag run came back with invalid insurance. The driver stated she did have insurance, so the officer attempted to contact the agency. After several failed attempts to reach an agent, he called for a wrecker. The vehicle was towed, and the driver was issued a citation.

An officer made a traffic stop on South Main Street due to a vehicle’s expired tag. The driver of said vehicle also had a warrant in Bulloch County. During the stop, officers saw an open container of alcohol in plain view. The driver stated this was an old container, and he was not found to be under the influence at the time. Bulloch County confirmed the hold, and the driver was ultimately transported to the sheriff’s office there. His vehicle was picked up by a licensed driver. In regard to the traffic stop, he was issued two citations: one for operating an unregistered vehicle and another for possessing an open container.

An officer responded to a residence on King Circle Drive in reference to a report of a male subject looking into windows of the home. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the offender. He asked what he was doing, and the offender returned, “Nothing.” At this time, the complainant came to the door of the carport. She confirmed knowing the offender, and two other officers arrived on scene. The group of law enforcement then asked the offender if he had any contraband on his person, and the offender admitted to having a crack pipe in a cigarette pack located in his back pocket. One of the officers collected this item, and the first officer again asked the offender why he was at the residence. The offender stated he was there to visit her grandson. He was detained at this time on a peeping Tom charge as well as a possession of a drug-related object charge. He was transported to the jail, booked, and cited while the complainant was informed of the situation. She did not wish to press charges and instead wanted him to return to his residence. Given the complainant’s stance and the fact that the crack pipe did not have any residue inside it, the officers transported him home and released him, contingent on the offender destroying the pipe in lieu of charging him with possession.

A woman on Claxton Avenue filed a report in reference to two subjects on her property preparing to smoke an unidentified substance. The complainant reported she instructed the offenders to leave her property, and they complied. She then stated they were located at the last house on the right of Drake Avenue and provided to officers a photograph of them. Swainsboro PD units transferred to the Drake Avenue location and found the male subject outside the residence. He and the female subject, at the request of officers, spoke with law enforcement and were confirmed to be the subjects reported by the complainant. They were instructed not to return to her residence or her property, per a formal criminal trespassing warning.

An officer was dispatched to the area of Lewis Street between Pine and Church streets in reference to a gun shot and barking dogs. The officer went to a College Street address first to speak with the complainant, who reported she heard a single shot, followed by a dog barking/howling in a manner that suggested it had been shot. After ensuring the complainant and company were well, the officer then patrolled the area of Lewis Street. No armed persons or injured animals were observed. No further calls were received in reference to this event, so nothing followed in the report.

An officer was dispatched to a personal care home in town in reference to a simple assault. Upon arrival, the complainant stated an offender had been making threatening remarks and gestures toward her for more than a week. She further reported she had problems with her back and the offender, during a recent incident, bumped her in the back with a walker. The officer contacted the offender and recognized her from previous incidents. According to the SPD report, this individual is “an emotionally disturbed person that is difficult to understand and communicate with.” The offender was advised to avoid the complainant, and the same advisement was made to the complainant about the offender. The complainant was also advised to contact 911 if any further problems arise.

A woman on Cedar Street requested an officer come take a report in reference to an unwanted person on her property. Arriving on scene, the officer spoke with the complainant, who gave the offender’s name and a brief summary of his repetitive behavior of showing up to the residence at all hours of the night. The offender was already gone by the time the officer arrived. Thus, the officer advised the complainant to contact the police department when he, the offender, returned so patrol officers could speak with him.

An officer made a traffic stop on Lambs Bridge Road due to a vehicle’s expired tag. The officer made contact with the driver and informed him of the reason for the stop. The driver then stated he was on the way to the tag office to have the tag reinstated. The driver produced his license, and GCIC returned it as suspended. Thus, the driver was arrested, transported to the jail, booked, and cited. His vehicle was released to a licensed driver.

An officer made a traffic stop on Industrial Way due to a speeding motorist. Ultimately, he was found to have a suspended license as well as a warrant out of Burke County. Therefore, the driver was arrested, transported to the jail, booked, and cited for speeding and driving with a suspended license.

An officer was dispatched to a residence on North Coleman Street, where he met with a female complainant. She stated another individual had taken out a TPO against her, yet the individual kept driving by her house to harass her. The complainant also stated the two had court earlier that morning on the matter. The officer then located the other individual, who stated the complainant was harassing her as well. Both parties were advised to stay away from one another and to abide by the TPO.

An officer made a traffic stop on Roberts Street due to the driver not wearing a seatbelt. Ultimately, she and two passengers were arrested on drug possession charges. The three offenders were transported to the jail, booked, and cited with warrants to follow. Another officer on scene stayed with the remaining passenger, an elderly man, until someone could come and pick up him as well as the vehicle.

A manager at Hibbett Sports filed a shoplifting report. The responding officer reviewed video footage, which showed a male and a female committing the crime. The case was handed over to a detective.

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