Reports from Swainsboro Police Department

Reports from Swainsboro Police Department, under the leadership of Chief Randy Ellison, are as follows:

Officers initiated a traffic stop on a golf cart near West Church St. The driver was highly intoxicated, and claimed to be on his way to work at the Forest Blade. Multiple unopened alcoholic beverages were found in the golf cart, along with a crack pipe. Both occupants did not know anything about the crack pipe. The passenger of the golf cart had warrants and was arrested. The driver was arrested for DUI less safe second offense and was given a break on several traffic citations.

A traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle that was had no functioning passenger headlight, no tag lights, and no tag. After a K9 search, 6.41 grams of methamphetamine, a loaded syringe, and a digital scale were found. The vehicle was purchased the same day, but neither the driver nor the passenger had a bill of sale. The passenger was arrested for the drugs and paraphernalia, and the driver was instructed to get a tag for the vehicle.

Police took a report concerning a neighbor’s dog attacking the complainant multiple times.

Officers responded to a shooting on Williams Street that resulted in one fatality and three others were injured.

A complainant contacted officers to removed his children, two juveniles and one over the age of 18, from his home. He gave officers the address of the children's mother, and the two juveniles were transported there. The individual over 18 had established residency, requiring the complainant to evict him rather than kick him out. The complainant was advised of the eviction process.

Officers filed a report in reference to a stolen cell phone.

Officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that had no active insurance. The driver stated he forgot about the insurance payment for the month. The driver’s license was suspended for child support obligations in 2021. The driver was served with an official notice of suspension and given a citation for insurance.

Officers responded to reports of a fight at Huddle House. Upon arrival, the fight has dispersed and the individuals had left the establishment. However, officers made contact with an individual known to them to have active arrest warrants. The individual was apprehended, and had marijuana in his pockets. He was originally charged with possession of marijuana under one ounce, a misdemeanor. After returning to the police department and weighing the substance, it was discovered that it was over an ounce, so the charges were changed.

Officers responded to a shoplifting call at Walmart where the suspect had been seen shoplifting on 15 separate occasions dating back to July.

Officers responded to a dispute between neighbors. One party refused to speak with police and retreated into her residence. Five minutes after police left the scene, they were called back as the dispute had restarted. The offender was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Officers responded to a residence for a wanted person. The individual was arrested.

Officers responded to a theft call. The victim stated that she left her home, and when she returned, a package that was outside was ripped open an a ring was missing.

Officers initiated a traffic stop for suspended registration. During the traffic stop, a strong odor of marijuana was present. Officers searched the car, and the driver admitted to having marijuana in his possession, and directed officers on where to find it. The driver was arrested and the vehicle was released to the passenger.

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