Retirement celebration will honor Collins

A retirement reception in honor of Gladys Collins, library manager, will be held May 26 from 4 to 6 p.m. inside Franklin Memorial Library’s Smith Room.

Collins has been a member of the library’s staff for the last 17 years and a pillar of this community for much longer. Before committing herself to the Swainsboro library, she managed Midville Public Library for many years.

“The employees of Franklin Memorial and members of the community would like to congratulate Gladys Collins on her upcoming retirement,” said Jessica Appleby of the library. “It has been such a great honor for each of us to work with such a dedicated and warmhearted member of this community. We are excited to invite the whole of the community to help celebrate her retirement at a reception being held next Thursday.”

Appleby continued, commending Collins as a person and remarking that her absence will be felt upon her last day at work. “Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Gladys knows she strives to live her life along with the morals her of Christian faith. She is the epitome of devotion to her family, community, and her God. She trusts God wholeheartedly, and places all challenges in His hands,” Appleby said. “The staff and patrons of Franklin Memorial Library will sorely miss her calming demeanor and smiling face. There is no one else who quite measures up to her positivity and patience, and we wish her the happiest days to come. She will always be an integral part of Franklin Memorial Library’s story, and hold a place in each of our hearts.”

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