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Scruggs & Company to fix roads

By Deanna Ryan The Emanuel County Board of Commissioners met on April 20,2023 at 6 p.m. for their regular monthly meeting. Commissioner Desse Davis was absent, all other commissioners were present along with county administrator Guy Singletary and county attorney Richard McNeely.

County citizen Melissa Clements spoke with the board about her concerns about drainage issues on Kent Road. She experienced an ambulance being unable to reach her after she placed a call and would like the county to do more to ensure the roads are passable.

In new business, administrator Singletary addressed the 2023 Local Maintenance & Improvement Grant (LMIG). In previous meetings the board selected three roads to go out to bid: Page Garrett, Old Garfield and Mixon Road. Three bids were received from Scruggs, Sykes Brothers and Reeves Construction. Scruggs & Company was unanimously awarded the contract with the low bid of 1.57 million dollars. Singletary mentioned that more road assessments would be conducted to ensure any necessary reprioritization could occur.

Finally, the Board discussed the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) architect selection. Now with the Senior Center project behind them, Singletary proposed applying for the CDBG again. Since the Board’s goal has been to address the community service area, he recommended the next grant go towards making updates to the Behavioral Health Building, a space where adults with disabilities go during the day and they teach them life skills to help them better navigate their lives. Since the building has not had any renovations in quite some time, it is an eligible project. Singletary recommended that the board move forward with a proposal from McColl & Associates. The motion was approved.

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