SPD Reports: Week of June 22, 2022

911 dispatched that a male subject had attacked a female subject. An officer arrived on the scene and met with the complainant in the front yard of the incident location. The complainant stated that the offender attacked her and ripped her clothes. The officer could see that the complainant’s shirt was torn around the collar area on the left side of the neck of the t-shirt. The complainant stated he was still on the property and that she wanted him gone.

The officer made contact with the offender who stated that the complainant blew everything out of proportion and that she was the one fighting. The officer noticed scratches on the offender's face and could smell alcoholic beverages on both the offender and the complainant’s son who was also at the residence. The officer asked the offender if he had anywhere else to stay and the offender stated that he had plenty of places to go. The complainant stated that she wanted the key from him because she did not feel safe with him having a key to the apartment at night when she was asleep. The offender obliged and left the scene.

An officer was dispatched to a location on South Main Street in reference to a dispatch that someone wanted a report done about damage done to his vehicle. The complainant stated that he was pulling in with his truck and hit a five-gallon bucket of paint and wood pallet with the blind side of his vehicle. The complainant stated that he could not see the five-gallon bucket because of how he was turning into the parking lot and how small the bucket was. The manager of the location stated that the bucket of paint was there with a pallet to block traffic from running over where they had patched a hole in their parking lot. The pallet was laying flat on the ground with the paint bucket in front of the pallet. A report was taken about the damage.

While patrolling the area of Highway 56 North for the purpose of traffic enforcement, an officer noticed a vehicle traveling at a speed higher than the posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour. The officer estimated that the vehicle was traveling approximately 55 miles per hour. He then activated the stalker radar unit which confirmed a speed of 53 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone. After conducting a traffic stop, the driver was found to have no license on hand and warrants out of Florida. The offender was placed under arrest for the warrants and was advised that he would be given a warning for speeding.

On above date and time, patrol units responded to West MLK Boulevard in reference to a possible domestic situation. On arrival, patrol units made contact parties in a verbal conflict.

Not obey officer commands to calm down. The two were detained. One offender advised that the other had been hitting her and she was tired of it. The other offender advised he had never hit her and that he got home, and she started an argument with him. He advised that the other party grabbed his stuff, threw it all on the ground, and broke his cell phone. The officers did observe a wallet and other documents scattered in the yard as well as a broken cell phone. Both parties were placed under arrest for disorderly conduct due to them yelling and cussing repeatedly. The two juvenile children that were at the residence were allowed to stay at another residence until their grandmother could pick them up.

An officer was dispatched by Emanuel County 911 to a location on East Pine Street in reference to a dispute. Upon arrival, the complainant reported that the offender came to his residence and requested to borrow his vehicle. The complainant reported that when he said "no", the offender became angry. The complainant went on by stating that during her outburst, she put a knife to his throat and removed his wallet. He states that she then returned the property and left. The complainant pointed to the apartment in which she lived. When asked why he did not report the incident at the time of occurrence, the complainant stated that he was going to let it go but had "nightmares" about the incident. An officer made contact with the offender who reported that the complainant was highly intoxicated and attempting to drive away from the residence at the time of their altercation. The offender stated she removed the car keys from the offender’s pocket so that he could not leave. The offender reported that the complainant was angry and that she picked up a stick to defend herself if the complainant attacked her and that she never picked up a knife.

An officer was dispatched to Southeastern Technical College in reference to a verbal altercation between a student and instructor. The instructor stated that the student was upset when she failed to receive her commercial driver’s license because she failed the backing up portion of the test. The intructor further explained he identified the errors and showed the student what she did incorrectly and that is when she began to get upset and the instructor to refund her money for the class. The instructor informed the student that tuition is an issue with financial aid and that it would be best to withdraw so the failure does not appear on her transcript.

The student threatened the instructor and the instructor responded, “if you feeling froggy then jump.” The student then left the premises. Staff informed officers that they wanted to criminal trespass the student from all three college locations, but then settled for only a report at this time.

An officer responded to Taco Bell in reference to a report of an assault. The complainant advised that a coworker tried to jump on her and grabbed her shirt collar causing the shirt to rip. She advised that she and the offender got into a verbal altercation because of something she said to another party via SnapChat. The shift manager on duty advised the officer to speak with the general manager the next day for video access.

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