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Terrific Little Tykes: Marley D. Carswell

The Crossroads Chronicle’s Terrific Little Tyke this week is Marley D. Carswell!

Marley is the 6-year-old son of Tykeshia Young. His favorite movie is Good Burger, and his favorite television show is I Can See Your Voice. He loves cheese dip and the color red. Marley’s mom describes him as smart, funny, and helpful. His best friend is his Grandma Fleady, Carolyn Locket. When Marley grows up, he wants to be a soldier.

Do you want to see your Terrific Little Tyke here? Call Trudie Kasper at 478-494-6991 or Halei Lamb at 478-494-3376. You can also message The Chronicle on Facebook or email one of the following addresses: or Although there is a waiting list sorted chronologically by date and time of entry, there is no charge. One photo is allowed.

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