Terrific Little Tykes: The Wilson siblings

The Chronicle’s Terrific Little Tykes this week are the Wilson siblings.

3-year-old Ava Grace Wilson and 5-year-old Case Alan Wilson are the children of Bobby and Amanda Wilson.

You can find Miss Ava showing off dance moves she learned at Southern Dance Connection to family and friends. She also loves to attend church at Stillmore Missionary Baptist Church. Ava’s favorite movie is Up, her favorite TV Show is anything Disney, and her favorite color is red. She loves popcorn, French fries, strawberries, apples, and grapes. When Ava grows up, she wants to be a firefighter like her daddy. Her best friends include her brother, Case, and Aubree Harshner.

Case enjoys playing baseball or soccer, playing Minecraft, and hanging out with family. He is a kindergartener in Sonya Rountree and Donna Lane’s class at Twin City Elementary. His favorite movie is Home Alone, and his favorite color is blue. Case loves pizza and steak, and he wants to be a police officer or firefighter when he grows up. His best friends include Waylen Jordan, John Luke Marsh, Seth Edenfield, Denver Haywood, and his “bestest friends” are Cali Anne Wells and his sister Ava Grace.

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