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Thank a Mail Carrier Day: Sierra Poole

February 4th is designated as Thank a Mail Carrier Day! This week The Crossroads Chronicle has chosen to highlight Sierra Henry Poole.

Sierra has been with the United States Postal Service since September of 2019. Making the decision to join the postal service was one that led Sierra into the unknown, as she did not know what would be in store for her.

“I thought I would just be riding around town with my arm out of the window all day, but that is definitely not the case.”

The most exciting part of Sierra’s job is seeing all of the fur-babies on her route each day and seeing some the people she delivers to on her route waiting on her arrival each and every day. Even more, Sierra may be the only person some of the people she delivers to see on a daily basis, making her job even more important.

Since Sierra joined the postal service a few months before the COVID shutdown, she was in for a quick change. During COVID and still today, a lot of people rely on the postal service to deliver packages that contain necessities, as supply chain issues continue to ravage our stores and people with impaired immune systems can not risk potential exposure by going to stores in the first place. From dog food subscriptions to medications, Sierra spends her days delivering necessities. While shipping services like Amazon make her job difficult, Sierra appreciates the demanding side of the job, as she loves staying busy.

Sierra would not suggest a career with the postal service to just anyone. “It takes a great mindset and the ability to face challenges head on to have a fulfilling and enjoyable career with the postal service.”

One of the hardest parts of Sierra’s job is missing out on taking her son to and from school. She is thankful for the great support system she has to help her pursue her career and take care of her son at the same time.

Our mail carriers are hard at work to make sure we receive our mail and packages today. Take a moment to tell them thank you!

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