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The Crossroads Chronicle is resurrecting “The Debate Space” to provide a place for discourse of opposing political ideas. Ron Moore will represent the Republican viewpoint and Cathi Frederiksen, the Democratic viewpoint. Both sides will be given the opportunity to ask a question and answer it.

This week we have Moore’s question: “Are Democrats happy with 46? Do they still support him? Do they want him back in 2024?”

Both debaters will answer the question. Then Frederiksen will pose a question to Moore.

The viewpoints expressed by each of the debaters are theirs only and not the viewpoints of the publication. It is our hope that by sharing and listening to opposing views, our community will become more united through increased sharing, listening and understanding.

If there is a question you would like to pose or if you would like to take part in the debate, contact Deanna Ryan at

By Ron Moore

First of all, to my fellow "GOP/Republican/Conservative" Crossroads Chronicle Debate Space followers and all others, (Lib/Dems as well), I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for our untimely extended hiatus from this coveted debate forum. As journalistically agonizing as this protracted sabbatical has been for me, not verbally sparring and duking it up with my Liberal opponents, I suppose that sometimes formidable opposition in our present political climate could be seemingly extremely difficult to garner, I guess. Lol. Nah, I'm just kidding. However, I am immensely delighted to return to this venerated forum, and please allow me to reiterate and assure you all without any shadows of doubt, or hyperbole, that your "Fact Getting,” "Truth Spitting,” "Conservative View Pitting,” Debate Champion is back and in effect, and in full "Debate Form" and in excellent "Debate Shape" I might add. Lol. So, with all that being said and without any further ado, “Let's Debate!”

This topic, however, needs no debate: Are Dems happy with 46? Do they still support him? Do they want him back in 2024, really?

No need for a debate on that.

My answer is an unequivocal, undeniable resounding, resonating, response that consists of only 2 words. Now you go. YOU SAY IT. Quietly or loudly, depending on your present environment, SAY TWO WORDS. Exactly.

See what I mean? No debate, huh?

According to a quote that was first reported by Politico on Jan. 17, 2020, just days before the Iowa caucuses, where Biden came in fourth place, I might add, the article cited an anonymous source for the remark that claimed former U.S. President Barack Obama once said of U.S. President Joe Biden, " Don't underestimate Joe's ability to (expletive) things up." Wow. He hit that nail smack dab on the head, didn't he?

When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said in his speech at a Conservative Political Action Conference that Biden was off to the worst start of any president since the 19th century, he clearly was echoing the opinions of many Americans. Biden campaigned on a message of uniting the country, but the country seems more divided and fractured since he took office. Biden is now hitting record-low approval ratings for a president at this point in his term. Most Americans, Republicans and Democrats alike are dubious about his leadership for a reason, since more than a few national challenges and outright catastrophes may be tied directly to the failures of this president and his political allies.

With such a vast litany of epic policy failures, and to tout his lackluster and vastly unpopular tenure, the overwhelming majority of American people would agree that 46's job performance has been absolutely abysmal, to say the least. Even CNN, the media giant (or used to be) that normally coddles this grossly incompetent administration with kid gloves conducted a poll last February and asked fellow Americans what they thought of Biden’s presidency and what he’s done right since entering office on Jan. 20, 2021. The top answer by a wide margin, according to that poll, hardly likely to be skewed against Biden and Democrats, was nothing at all - ver half of those surveyed couldn’t come up with a single success during Biden’s first year in office. From the Border Crisis to the Messy Afghanistan Withdrawal, to our return to Energy Dependence, to the Authoritarian COVID-Mandates, to the National Surge in Crime, to Rising Inflation, to a War on Parents to a failed Build Back Better Act.

Not to mention that President Biden is facing a Department of Justice investigation after his lawyers found classified documents at his Delaware residence and an office in Washington, D.C. They were found in multiple instances, with a White House lawyer announcing on Saturday that five more pages had been found at Biden's home. Need I mention the price for a Gallon of Gas or a Dozen Eggs? And when asked in a press conference after the mid-term elections regarding what he planned to do differently in the next two years and his reply was “NOTHING."

Wow. Are you getting the picture here?

Wouldn't it be just "GREAT AGAIN" to be able to afford gasoline and eggs again?

Trust me, AMERICA has not forgotten what it was to be GREAT. We are definitely counting the days.

Finally, and conservatively speaking, I will keep my summation short and sweet and succinctly answer this debate using the same answer that I'm sure you all came up with. It's like I told you at the beginning of the debate. PICK TWO WORDS.

May GOD BLESS YOU all, my fellow Patriots, and may GOD BLESS AMERICA, the LAND THAT I LOVE.

By Cathi Frederiksen, Chair, Georgia’s 12th CD Democratic Committee

Before I respond to Ron Moore’s question, I want to thank the Crossroads Chronicle for the opportunity to engage in civil discourse. We as a general people have spent too much time of late arguing rather than listening, and I appreciate the ability to have a forum to share our opinions.

Ron asked why we Democrats aren’t as enthusiastic about President Biden as we were during the 2020 election. I would like to begin by pointing out that the question itself contains the blanket assumptions that all Democrats a) were excited to vote for Joe Biden, and b) aren’t as enthusiastically supportive as they were during the election. While I cannot answer for all Democrats who voted for Joe Biden, I will do my best to answer this question from my perspective.

Prior to her exit from the Presidential Race, I was an Elizabeth Warren supporter. I truly believed in her messaging in regard to the American Peoples as a collective having been taken advantage of by banks and other lending institutions and was looking forward to her continued efforts to protect our population from such monstrosities as predatory lenders and the like. It was with admitted disappointment that my vote shifted to Joe Biden. I cast my ballot willingly for former Vice President Biden, knowing that he would use his lengthy experience in American Government to do what was best for all people, not just the wealthy or a very specific base of supporters. I felt then—and still do—that my vote was cast for the most qualified and socially just candidate for the Office of President of the United States.

My support of President Biden has never wavered in his tenure in Office. He is living up to his campaign promises of doing his best to keep the promises made on the campaign trail. He promised to help put the US on track to net-zero emissions by 2050, and he’s kept his word. He promised to not only reinstate the Affordable Care Act, but to also improve it, and he’s done just that. He’s working diligently to improve the VA System for our Veterans. (Source: I trust that he’s doing nearly all he can to create a more equitable society for us all. Do I believe that he could do more? Absolutely. But that is not a sentiment that is reserved only for Joe Biden. That belief applies to nearly all government officials as they have a historical tendency to allow the lobbyists and money from special interest groups to run the country rather than our actual elected officials.

Do not mistake the Democrats’ lack of Biden flag-waving and Biden merch-peddling as waning support of President Biden. Rather, understand that we as a whole do not feel that we should raise our politicians to that sort of celebrity. They are public servants first, and public personas last. We generally prefer to show support of our elected officials through activism and daily actions that further the collective cause; actions such as volunteering with organizations like the Trevor Project, Rock the Vote, local food banks, and battered women’s shelters. Our support of our President is reflected in the causes we support, and that provides us with the fulfillment that 100 rallies never could. After all, as Herbert Hoover said so eloquently, “Words without actions are the assassins of idealism.”

My question to Ron: Socialism exists in our every day existence already, from Fire & Police Departments, to public roads and highways, to social security and medicare. Why do you believe conservatives are so quick to invoke language of fear around Socialist ideals?

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